Friday, March 1, 2013

Hive Five for Friday

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The biggest High Five was I started a new blog this week.  My husband has been working hard to get it set up for me and I started posting Monday here.  I have been blogging about our family for a few years at but wanted to try something new.  
He did a wonderful job and put up with my indecisiveness on what I wanted.  

Now onto 5 More! 

1) Got to have a lunch date with my hubby on Tuesday
2) I got the afternoon off work yesterday and had some free time while my boys finished the day at daycare!   
3)  Because of that afternoon off, I got the house cleaned and made a quick trip to our "mall"  (If you would see it, you would laugh that I even called it that, but a small town girl goes where she can in between real shopping trips)  and bought a few super cute new clothing items, WAHOO!
4) Took my  two boys grocery shopping this morning, made it to two stores, without a fit from either one and with only 2 extra things they had to have that weren't on my list.   
5)  Heading out of town tomorrow to stay with my hubby's twin brother and his family.  Our boys are similar in age, we love hanging out with them but don't get to see them much so excited to get out of town even if it only is for one night!

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  1. i love the blog design! id really like to do my own so i can change it when i want i just get too frustrated too fast. you can see how far behind i am on reading others blogs since this has been up for a few weeks and im just now finding it!