Monday, April 8, 2013

Someday I am going to loose them

One day last week Matthew was working on replacing a fan in the living room that was smoking the night before ( It was only a few months old so we got a replacement) and my boys wanted to be right there with him working on it.  They were climbing up the ladder, Noah was doing everything he could to help him.  Carson was trying to carry screwdrivers up to give to him as well. Listening to Noah talk to him about what he was doing and asking what he needed blessed me a lot.

Then I got to thinking about how I get annoyed some days that they only want to be with me.  Most of  the time it doesn't matter what Matthew is doing both boys want to be right where I am, asking me for everything and hanging on me legs.  I'll be in the shower, getting ready or in the kitchen cooking and they want to be there.  Matthew can try to get them in the playroom but they just run right back to find me.  Somedays it's hard and frustrating because I want to be left alone for a few minutes.  It doesn't seem fair sometimes that it's always mom, mom gets tired darnit.  I get jealous of Matthew that he can just chill on the couch for a few minutes and not get bothered.  When I'm frustrated it's hard to explain it to him because the way the kids are with him is just different.

Then as I sat and watched this

I realized someday I will loose their constant attention on me.  They are boys.  They are going to want to do everything dad does outside.  They will want to fix things with him.  They will want to play ball with him.  They will want to water the plants, and mow the yard. They will want to work on the tractors with daddy. They will want to pull weeds and play with bugs.  Pretty much all the boy stuff that I'm so not into.

Someday I will wish they were inside with me, asking me for a snack, to color or to play with trains.  I will miss them wanting their moms constant attention.  I will miss them just sitting with me and reading books.  Someday I will miss them needing me so much.  With that, I'm going to try and remember this time is short.  It's hard and it's challenging every day but I know someday I will look back on these toddler years and remember how fun and cute this stage was.  And I will probably be doing that while watching them hang out with their daddy and give anything to have them little again.


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  2. I think about that sometimes too. :-(