Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Kids Closet Oranization

This is my real-life boys closet.   My two boys share a room and that means they also have to share a closet.  The thing can get full, we always only have room for one season so it's about to get tricky come warmer weather.  I have a tendency to probably buy a few too many clothes for my kids.

Here is a look at the whole closet

On the very top shelf you can hardly see, I store baby blankets and the bins are for items outgrown and items that I have purchased for the next season that don't need to be hung up yet.  
Then the top row is all tops for my youngest and I try to keep them in order from everyday shirts to polos, to button ups that way everything is always easy to find.  

The middle bins are for supplies (we keep wipes in there since I buy a massive bulk box from Amazon every few wipes), hangers, and outgrown clothing.

The next row of hanging is for my 3 year old and I organize his the same way.  

At the bottom we have shoe shelves for their extra shoes.  The ones they normally wear are in the garage.  

Then on the left side, I have two hanging sweater organizers.  I love these and they worked so well in here I ended up getting one to add to my walk in closet hanging section because I liked putting stuff that I would normally put in drawers in it instead.  The far left one I use right now for an abundance of sweatshirts and bulky items so it doesn't take up the hanging space.  Then the right one, is all pants.  Each boy has 3 shelves 1 for dress pants, jeans, and sweatpants.  
The bins on the floor are for out of season shoes, extra blankets and sheets.  

Then we are lucky with Noah's current bed because we have some massive drawers in the bottom.  We use the left one for pajamas, socks and underwear and the right one to store extra diapers, swim diapers and swim stuff.  I love how big these drawers are.  I order diapers the same way through Amazon and we get a huge amount of once.  

Closets are one of my favorites things to organize.  I love the custom cabinetry stuff, but found these items for cheap when we moved in and they work great for us!  

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