Monday, March 4, 2013

You know you are a mom.. When

I just recently started following The Pink Momma  which you can find here and today she did You know you are a mom, when and encouraged others to join!

Here is my list for a mom of two boys 3 and 1 1/2

1)  You always carry some emergency treat in your purse for public disasters
2) Each time you clean your floors, they cleanliness is only a sure bet until the next snack or meal
3) You can never go to the bathroom alone, and if you try expect screaming or knocking kids at the door
4) When kids are awake and it's quiet, you know they must be into something they shouldn't be
5) Decorating revolves around my boys, nothing down low, no pretty glass vases or breakables on table, very simplistic
6) Everything dangerous takes much longer to get into, my house sports some sweet cabinet locks and outlet plugs.  In a kid free home you could have half your house vacuumed by the time I can get my vacuum plugged in
7) The laundry is never "done"
8) It's never safe to walk downstairs in the dark.  You never know what you may step on
9) They say microfiber furniture is easy to clean, not in this house
10) The "fun" apps that are most used on our ipad are PBS and Disney and children's learning.
11)  You choose to take a phone call or make one, I need to be prepared for a huge mess all over the house or a chance of some major fighting
12) You buy batteries in bulk packs and you go through them like water
13) Dinner doesn't involve 2-4 courses, it takes half of the kitchen to make because everyone eats something different.
14)  You catch yourself wearing character bandaids on a regular basis
15) You randomly hearing crying when it doesn't really exist.  I call it phantom crying
16)  When you put your 28 year old butt in time in your room to get a break for a few minutes
17)  Your style for the day revolves around what you will be doing and where you are going with your kids.  Will I be crawling around, chasing, sitting, holding (can't wear something easily pulled down)
18)  When new decor is the latest picture that was colored or craft that was made
19)  Jewelry becomes toys, or anything in the bathroom for that matter, sometimes a mom just needs to get ready in a timely manner and needs to not be pulled on
20)  You start to get ready to leave 30 minutes before you actually need to walk out the door

But also you know you are a mom when,

You have a whole new definition for the word "love"
You get to love on, kiss and cuddle up with the best little things you have ever known!
Giggles and laughs have never sounded so good!
Your favorite place to be is with your family!
You have never felt so blessed than when you look into the faces of your kids!

Being a mom is hard, it's about making sacrifices every day, but at the end of the day I can't imagine life without our two cuties and wouldn't trade them for a thing!

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  1. The #4 - ALWAYS! Haha...Thanks for joining. Being a mom is the best thing in the world :)