Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sunday Social

1) Favorite type of workout to do?  I love Turbo fire hits, running and my elliptical at the moment.

2) Favorite guilty pleasure candy or sweet? Pretty much any candy at all, ice cream, any baked goods

3) What is something you continuously forget to do?  Return important boring calls (it may  be selective forgetting)  and switch laundry.  Been really bad about that lately.

4) Post it's or phone reminders and why? Post it's.  I love putting some things in my phone but also love old school paper notes and to do lists.

5) Favorite picture currently on your phone that makes you smile.  I took this picture today of my boys and I .  Love it!

Hope you all had a great Easter!  We have had a great visit here Georgia, and are heading back Tom at 4 am.  Will have a photo dump another day this week.  I actually took some pictures!

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