Friday, May 3, 2013

Attention Runners

I used to want to be a runner so bad.

Tried it.  Hated it.

Couldn't breathe.

Calves killed.

Would quit working out, walk or try something else.

Then for some reason this time around everything is different.

(Side note:  In case you are new around here, I'm running a half marathon in June in sunny San Diego.  It will be my first one and I'm running with my two sisters and my mom is running the full 26 mile marathon.    I just started running/ training for it in January.  Before that I hadn't ran since maybe late last Spring. )

I am loving running.   I can breathe.  My calves aren't generally a problem.

Hitting the pavement is therapeutic.  It relieves stress and I always feel much better after a run is finished.

I have already ran farther than I ever thought I could.

When I haven't got to run in a few days I crave it.  I completely understand the runner's high.

This week I ran this....

I ran with my sister for a little bit and ran the whole thing with my mom.  Running with people makes it so much  better, but for short runs my music is great too!

Did you see that run total?  I can't believe I'm up to 9 miles and I didn't feel like dying, I felt like I could handle a little more.   I love ending like that, it gives me encouragement to keep going.    Race day is exactly one month from today and I'm getting pumped.  I will get a few more longer runs in but won't be going past 11 or 12 miles until the race.

I couldn't do these runs alone.  Before my runs I take my Genesis Pure GPS E 2 which is the sports energy in the Genesis Pure sports line which is amazing.  I also take the Moomiyo Edge supplement  which is explained here.  When I was having knee problems I also started taking Mangosteen to help with pain and inflammation and this last week have been running knee brace free!  I know these products have helped changed the game for me and truly helped me become a runner and find a new healthy hobby to enjoy and I am so thankful for that!

Now I have mostly good runs, but I have also had bad runs.  Runs where I felt like I was hardly moving, runs in the freezing cold, wind, rain, runs where my my knees and hips killed, days where 3 miles seemed really hard even though I had already ran much farther and ones where I was just not in the mood.  Through it all I have kept training and am proud that  I have already made it this far.  I didn't have a goal when I started training I just wanted to finish but now that I'm this far into it, I would love to finish in under 2 hours but am being more realistic with a solid goal of 2 hours 15 minutes!

I have been talking to my mom lately about race details and thought I would see if any other runners had any good tips/advice.

I'm thinking of running with a pace group to help keep me on target to finish.  If you have ran with a pace group, would you suggest it?

Also what's your favorite race item to help keep you going?  Energy beans?  Gu?  Shock Blocks?  Glucose Tablets?

I know I'm only doing the half but I do plan to take my Genesis Pure products before but will probably also bring a little something to take during the race and need your help in decided what to take!  120 minutes of straight running is a long time!

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  1. if you plan to eat during the race, try it that way on at least one of your practice runs! you don't want any surprises the day of the race. personally, i've never done it, but i do get water from every single water stop. i definitely recommend doing that either way!