Friday, May 3, 2013

Preparing for a Little One- Bringing Home Baby

My friend Kaitlyn and I came up with a great idea that I absolutely love.

As you know, Kaitlyn is expecting her first child. This can be so overwhelming and I know that other first time moms probably feel the same. She has so many questions and would love to hear the opinions of moms who have already been through this a time or two before.
Because of this, we are hosting a weekly series for a few weeks to try and get some answers to some of the most common questions.

We have finished the second series, but if you have missed them here are the topics below that you can go back and check out.

Friday, April 5: Registering (Everything you need to know, Must Haves, Don't Bothers, etc...)
Friday, April 12: Nursery Organization & Ideas
Friday, April 19: Packing For The Hospital: For you & the baby
Friday, April 26: Birth Stories (The good, bad, and ugly) / Birth Plans (yes? no?)

This week starts our second mini-series.
Friday, May 3: Bringing Baby Home / Surviving The First Few Weeks
Friday, May 10: Breast Feeding vs. Formula
Friday, May 17: Calming Your Baby & Sleep Methods
Friday, May 24: Losing The Baby Weight

The second series will focus on bringing the baby home, new mom obstacles and losing the dreaded baby weight.  Even if you are a first time mom, you may have posts or input on this first series especially!! I know some of you are due any day now, so I'd love to get your input as well.

If you decide to participate on any of the weeks, all you have to do is write a post answering and discussing the topic/question that week and link up to the main post on my blog. I think it will be a great resource for tons of moms to be!

Below you can grab a button to use on your posts and it will be helpful if you link back to Wifessionals or Five 27 Jones so that others can get the details to link up as well. I really hope some of you will share your secrets with us!!!

Grab button for PFALO

Now for the good stuff, onto this week's Topic:  Bringing Baby Home

I will never forget the ride home with our firstborn Noah.  It seemed so crazy that we were taking our very own baby home and he would be with us from then on out.  I remember getting home, getting him out of the carseat, looking at him and thinking " Now What??"  I wasn't quite sure what I was supposed to do, but it didn't take long for us to get used to our "new life" with our baby boy and for new to feel as though it was the norm.

I know all you future parents will figure it out just like we did but I did want to throw  some advice out to you.

1)  Make yourself and baby a priority.  Make sure you are able to take care of baby, if not ask for help.  Your baby will have needs and you have just experienced the rollercoaster of childbirth, if you don't feel like you are fully able to take care of your baby remember it's okay to ask for help.  No shame in that, this is not the time to play superwoman!

2) Be ready to let go and lower your expectations.   If you are a neat freak like me, be ready to lower your typical home standards, you won't feel like yourself and you will want to cuddle with that sweet new baby of yours.  Those first few weeks productivity will not be in it's prime!

3)  It's okay to tell people no!  If your family is at all like mine you will have lots of people wanting to come visit, which I did love.  However, there will be times when you are not up to it and you need to let them know!  Suggest a better time or if you just don't want visitors for a  few days that's okay too.

4)  Accept meals!  You will most likely have people volunteer to bring you food or meals, go ahead and let them.  It's one less thing to worry about and they wouldn't offer if they didn't want to bless you in that way.  Again, not time for superwoman!

5)  Make sure to eat and drink when needed (especially if you are nursing, you will need extra food and fluids).  I know it's hard after baby feeling the way you do and ready for the weight to come off and it will in time but make sure to get what you need.

6)  Make notes and take lots of pictures. When babies are first born so much can change from week to week.  We took soooooo many pictures with Noah and I love having all those daily photos to see his changes.   I wish I had more of Carson but it was harder the second time around to  think about taking them all the time.

7)  Nap and don't feel guilty.  I had a hard  time napping with both of mine because I had so many other things I " needed " to do but trust me, you will need sleep.  Enough rest helps us eat better, think more clearly, have more energy and just be more like ourselves which is just what new moms need.

8)  Enjoy it and take each day one at a time!

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