Thursday, May 16, 2013

Random Thursday

It's Thursday....
Obviously I missed what I'm loving Wednesday but I had some things to share so I'm doing it today instead!

1)  New App I just downloaded for my phone, have seen some bloggers blog about it and thought I would give it a try myself.  Checked it out last night and does seem like it will be fun to use to upgrade my pictures a little bit!  It's a photo editing app, called Beautiful Mess, you can check it out here.

2) My husband ordered me a new vaccum and it should be in tomorrow.  I'm OCD and weird and so that excites me.  Just a little background, our old house had 1 room of carpet we didn't need a nice vaccum so we never invested in one.   Then 2 years ago we moved into a new house that was bigger and full of carpet.  I have been using the same vacuum.  This vacuum, I may add was also  the one my husband used in college, which was about 10 years ago.  We are getting the Shark Navigator, Professional Lift Away and we also scored a great deal on it so win-win!

3)  I made it running 11.1 miles yesterday.  It was my last long, push run before the race.   I won't run any farther until June 2nd.  Last week was really rough and thankfully,  yesterday was easier.  I may contribute it to what my mom calls "gu" .  I have been trying Shot Blocks with my mom the last few runs but finally got myself some gu and brought it with me today.  I had two during my run and I really think it did make a difference!

4)  Along the same line, 2 weeks from today my two sisters, momma and I will be on a plane to sunny San Diego!  We don't get much quality time together, so I'm so excited and know we are going to have a blast.  Watch out for lots of pictures !  

5)  I'm having a garage sale this weekend, and am almost ready.  Boy is there way too much work that is involved in them!  It always sounds good in my head, but not so fun actually putting it together.  Although it did get my butt moving on the purging goal I have had for quite a while.  I did purge a lot but really could still do more.  You gotta start somewhere.  

6) I am loving my current nail and toe polish color.  I'm not a nail polish snob,  I don't generally have nails so there are usually without, but I've had some tips on for awhile now and am loving having some color.  Wet and Wild- Heatwave is my current.

7) It's pretty much popsicle season and that makes me happy.   I love popsicles so much and especially these!   We are almost finished with our first box of these already.  The boys and I took a water break yesterday, sat on the porch and had some.  Soo yummy!  Now to find some coupons, because they aren't very cheap!

8)  Bought some new black shoes.  They are wedges, they are strappy and I was able to walk really well in them.  They are perfect.  I  never did find any last year and am starting this year off right with these cuties.

9)  Carson is a pro this week at saying "thank you" and its down right adorable.  He adores me, and  I love it.
Noah has been in trouble a lot lately and has started doing this pouty walk to his room on his own.  I feel bad but he looks so cute moping.  Even though I have had to discipline to no end lately, I'm still " his best friend"  and he still "love you so much mommy"  so we are good.  And " mommy- daddy days are my favorite"  He loves days with us.  Insert smile!

What are you loving this week??

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