Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tuesday Topics

Life. Love.Lauren

There is another round of Tuesday topics starting this week and I love the new topics.  If you haven't ever joined in you should now since they are starting a whole new round.

Onto this week.

ten.  things that make me happy.............

1)  My boys....Love, love, love them.
2)  Waking up without an alarm..... Very rare occasion but when it happens it's awesome!
3) Sunlight, there is something about great weather after winter, just makes you want to get up and do something.
4)  Candy, sweets, ice cream, chocolate.... I totally hate emotional eating but it happens and I love sugar way to much
5)  New clothes, shoes, and jewelry, there isn't anything like wearing a new outfit.
6) Clean house, doesn't happen very often with two little ones but sometimes I sure do try.  For that short amount of time it stays clean, I'm so laid back
7) Successful new recipes- I love trying new recipes and even more so when they turn out good!
My last one was this M&M cookie, soo good even though I over cooked them a bit.  Will for sure be using this one again.
8) Nights with nothing to do but hang out with my family!
9) Time alone-  It's how I feel refreshed.  I can be quite the loaner some days
10)  A good sweaty run


  1. Successful new recipes, that is one that I forgot! I love those!!!

  2. Time alone and a good sweat are good ones! Stopping by from Tuesday Topics!

  3. Waking up without an alarm is AMAZING!! Totally agree!!