Saturday, May 25, 2013

Perfect for Toddlers

 I have been blessed with two picky eaters!  It has been a struggle to get our boys to ever try anything new.   They would seriously live on fruit if we would let them.  Noah loves pasta, but won't touch bread or anything that resembles it.  Carson loves bread but won't eat any pasta besides mac and cheese.  Carson also won't eat any veggies at the moment and it really bothers me.  Noah likes green beans and carrots so at least we can get him to eat some.  
I don't know exactly why I decided to buy these Peter Rabbit Organic food puree pouches one day for the boys to try but I did and it turns out Carson loves them.  He has been eating 1-2 a day.   I'm in love with them because
 1) they are soooo easy
2) they are just  100% whole fruit and veggie puree with nothing added.  They are USDA certified organic
3) Awesome for travel and eating out,  I can just keep one in my purse or diaper bag all the time since they do not need refrigeration until opened
4)  I can get some veggies in Carson.  Some of them are just fruit blends but others have veggies as well.  Now I'm sure the fruit to veggie ratio is more on the fruit side but I will still take it.  We have tried all of these  blends and so far Carson has liked them all.

I'm not sure who all has them but our Wal- Mart currently does and they are $1.68 each. They are on the pricier side to serve at every meal but for right now we are going to use them until we implement the whole, You eat what we eat business.  I'm completely dreading it but know we need to start doing it once we are home together for awhile.  

Do you have any tips or tricks on getting toddlers to eat?  If so I would love to hear them!  


  1. My 2.5 yr old is picky as well, but I'm not even sure he'd try these because they look weird and you can't see what's in them. Lol Maybe I should try it anyway.

  2. My 1 yr old loves pouches. They definitely help with getting in lots of veggies.