Friday, June 7, 2013

High Five for Friday June 7th


1)  I joined Vine awhile ago but never really used it.  My sisters vined while we were in San Diego and I felt left out.  Since I give in to peer pressure easily today I spent some time adding some friends and made my first Vine's.  Search Jennifer Jones to add me.  Also if you Vine, comment with your name so I can follow you back.

2)  Got home safely Tuesday night!  Loved getting to see my boys.  Noah was extra sweet and hugged me a million times, then ran off  to play with his cousins, haha.

3)  Finally after this morning, feel like I have my life back together.  It's amazing what some cleaning and organizing can do for one's stress level, sanity, and ability to breathe!

4)  Got my first run in today since the race on Sunday.  It was only a 4 miler, but I haven't went 4 days without running since I started training so I was mentally ready and craving it.  It wasn't my best run.  My calves don't bother me until I started running, they cramped up a little and my dumb hips are still hurting a little too.  I feel like I shouldn't of been that sore but guess that's running life and my body thought 13 miles was a lot.

5)  My 29th birthday is Sunday!

Also head on over here where I'm giving away a $25 gift card to Old Navy this week.  I love Old Navy for kids stuff but usually find a few things for me too and you can always find coupon codes making it a great place to shop.  Want a chance to win, go enter!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Hey Jen! Happy Birthday Weekend!! I also turn 29 this year (December 6th). I can't believe we are 1 year away from 30. It's crazy as heck how time flies. I feel like I was going to the prom yesterday.

    I hope you will be doing some fun stuff this weekend. Definitely get some "me" time in!