Friday, June 7, 2013

San Diego

San Diego is beautiful, period.  And I would move to Coronado Island in a heartbeat 1) if we had 3 million dollars to buy one of the super cute charming houses the island is filled with and 2)  My family and friends would move there too.

We flew out to San Diego on Thursday and came home Sunday and our trip was filled with great food, shopping, being tourists, relaxing, laying out, running and just having a great time!  

 I won't go into a play by play of everything we did but here are some highlights!  

 Seaport Village being tourists!

 The view from the condo we stayed in.  This was in Pacific beach and right on the bay.  There was an awesome boardwalk all around it.  It was perfect!

Pretty view from Scenic Drive 

We took a  boat road over to Coronado one day then took Segway tour of the island.  I have been there before but it was neat taking these instead of walking.  We literally pretty much went around half of the island  and got to see all the cute houses, get right under the bridge, lots of history, the famous Hotel Del Coronado, parks and beautiful trees and landscape.  

Helmets were not optional.  We all had bad hair the rest of the day!  The segway's were really fun.  I always looked at people weird who were on them, but we enjoyed them.  Great way to see lots of things without walking 15 miles and much quicker.  Fun to drive also, haha

Group photo before our Italian carb loading dinner the night before the race.  
Right to left, it's My sister Randi, me, sister Kate and my momma.  Aren't my sisters and my momma beautiful?  
 After our Italian dinner we went to a frozen yogurt place called Yogurt on the rocks and it was delicious!  We actually went back again before left.  The first time I had cupcake yogurt with a ton of toppings then the next time I tried cookies and cream they both were delicious.  I think my town needs one of these!

Our last day before we left did some driving up the coast a little and saw a few more beaches then went back to Pacific Beach and rented some bikes.  Yes I wore my purse around my neck I didn't have anywhere else to put it and my sisters loves crazy pictures me not so much I always just smile.  

Our last night and once again got treated to a wonderful dinner.  

Now that I've gained about 5 pounds from this trip,  I have some work to do.  Vacation always makes me go crazy with food and snacking, self control level was about a 1 the whole time!  
We had a great time, good weather, and lots of memories.  
I'm thinking we should make this girls trip a yearly tradition!

Have you ever been to San Diego?  If so, what was your favorite part?


  1. I've never been to the west coast and would love to go one day. It looks beautiful.

  2. I went to San Diego once and was surprised with an engagement! I can't wait to go back soon! Especially since I only live 6 hours away! :-)