Friday, June 14, 2013

It's Friday!


1)  So  I got this ombre nail kit for my birthday on Sunday from one of my wonderful sisters and I'm dying to use it.  Problem is my nails are terrible right now.  Hoping this weekend sometime to go get them done and see if they will use this kit to paint them.  

2) Wednesday had a great day with my little family.  Let the boys play outside in their pool and water table all morning, had lunch, then took them swimming at one of their grandparents, napped, then headed to a parade, and finished off  the night with a trip to our ice cream shop Homewood and our nightly cuddle fest.  Wish every day could be that great!

3)  I signed up to run my first full marathon.  I'm freaking out a little bit.  We have about 25 weeks but I'm still nervous as all get out.  I wanted to do a full but was still nervous and some days was thinking I should run another first but this one was nearing selling out so we went for it.  Lucky for us the next day it was sold out! We have a big group going down to Memphis for this one.  Running the full it will be my mom, myself, my sister and my sisters hubby.  Then running the half will be my other sister, and her mother in law.  Since it's a fairly close one of to home we also have some people coming with to watch including my hubby this time.  It should be a fun trip now just to build up to running that stinking far in the next half a year!

4)  I'm so thankful to stay at home most days to get to witness moments like this.  This afternoon before nap, Noah wanted to watch a little TV and of course Carson wanted to, too.  He is Noah's little shadow and copies everything he does so since Noah wanted to lay on the couch with the "circle blanket" he had to too!

5) Feeling extra blessed this week. I got to go on two lunch dates with Matthew this week.  Some days I work I run errands since I don't have the boys but this week I skipped them and went out to eat with him instead.  And my kids are just so darn adorable.  Have had so many cute/ sweet moments with them this week.

Watching a movie before bed one night.  They thought it was so cool to put the pillows on the floor!  Carson wanted to do it the next morning too.  

In case you missed it on Instagram, the boys love helping their dad do anything.  Noah got to plant some more seeds in the garden and they both helped water.  

Today they were having a blast pulling leaves off the trees and bringing them to me.  

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  1. Hi! I found your blog through 5 on Friday. Your little guys are way too cute. I love the name Carson too! Our youngest daughter is named Karsyn! Hope you have a great weekend!!!