Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tuesday Topics- Seven

Life. Love.Lauren

This week Seven things about my job! 

1)  I work with my husband and father in law who are both optometrists at our family optometric practice.

2)  I only generally work 2 days a week.

3)  I'm supposed to be the office manager, but never really have been.  I'm non confrontational, everyone is older than me and let's face it you can't be a manager when you are only there 2 days a week and really only have time for things you have to do.

4)  The place makes me eat chocolate.  I have never really been a big chocolate eater until I started there.  They have a candy drawer stocked with goodies at all times.  Gets me every time!

5)  I have worked there since August of 2008, started out full time but went down to part time when Noah was born.

6)  We are currently looking for someone to replace me as I'm working toward being a full time SAHM

7)  I don't need glasses or contacts yet so that stinks but at least I can always use sunglasses so I can get my pick for free.  Coach frames, yes please! 

This is our new office we built in 2009, and it turned out great.  I got to help plan and pick everything out.  It was challenging but fun at the same time.  We are quite proud of it and I know my husband plans to spend the life of his career here!  


  1. I think I would be perfect for the job since chocolate and I have a special relationship! :-) haha!

  2. A drawer full of chocolate?! Oh maaaaaaan! I don't know that I could get a lot done knowing it was there!