Friday, June 14, 2013

Preparing for a Little One Link Up

My friend Kaitlyn and I came up with a great idea that I absolutely love.

As you know, Kaitlyn is expecting her first child. This can be so overwhelming and I know that other first time moms probably feel the same. She has so many questions and would love to hear the opinions of moms who have already been through this a time or two before.

Because of this, we are hosting a weekly series to try and get some answers to some of the most common questions.

Here are the topics we still have for future weeks:

Friday, May 31: Cloth Diapers vs. Disposables
Friday, June 7: To Vaccinate or Not To Vaccinate
Friday, June 14: Tips For Quick Recovery After Labor
Friday, June 21: Struggling With Postpartum Depression
Friday, June 28: BabyWise vs. Attachment Parenting
Friday, July 5: What You Really Need In A Diaper Bag
Friday, July 12: Buying vs. Making Baby Food
Friday, July 19: Cord Blood Banking vs. Not Cord Blood Banking
Friday, July 26: Moving Baby To Solids: Ideas, Tips & Tricks
Friday, August 2: Shopping For A Little One: Favorite Stores & Shops
Friday, August 9: Introducing Your Child Into A Home With Older Siblings Or Pets
Friday, August 16: How To Stay Connected To Your Partner
Friday, August 23: Baby-Proofing Your Home
Friday, August 30: Baby-Proofing Your Marriage

So without further ado, let's get on with this weeks Topic

Tips For A Quick Recovery After Labor:
Hi, Wifessionals readers! I'm Hayley and I normally blog over at A Beautiful Exchange. I'm so excited to be here with you to share a few tips about a healthy, speedy recovery after the birth of your sweet one. Whether you are having a natural birth or a C-section, these tips can help you rest your body while adjusting to life with a newborn!

Accept help: It's so hard during the first few days to want to be the best mother you could have ever pictured yourself being. You can't get enough of the little miracle cuddling close to you in your arms and you want to be there for every cry, hiccup, grunt, and gurgle. While all of those things are absoutely fabulous, you need to keep in mind that your body has just gone through something pretty traumatic. Beautiful, but traumatic. Maybe so. Either way, you should allow family members or
friends to give a helping hand. Thanfully accept offers from people wanting to help--just not too much! My mom came and stayed with us 2 nights after my son was born. I only woke up to nurse and it really helped to get that physical and mental rest!

Don't feel like you have to entertain guests: Because let's face it, they are not coming to visit you. They may say they are, but we all know they just want to hold the baby. While it's nice to have friends and family to stop by, don't work yourself too hard trying to the keep the house tidy, or offering drinks and snacks to people. If there are too many people asking to stop in, say NO! Chances are they will see the baby at some point, even if it is just on Facebook.

Sleep when the baby sleeps: If you do not do this, you will be completely exhausted. Once you get towards the end of your pregnancy, it may help to start trying to go to bed earlier. Your rest is extremely important while your body is healing--everything else can wait! Sleep is one of the first things to go once you have a baby, but take advantage of the multiple naps your newborn will take throughout the day. If you have things that you feel like just have to get done, do it while the baby is awake, just close by in a bouncy seat or swing!

Drink plenty of water: This especially goes for you ladies that will be breastfeeding. Your body needs lots of water to keep your milk supply up and full of the nutrients that the baby needs. Get a cute water bottle or cup and add that to your hospital bag. Get in the habit of drinking plenty of water all throughout the day, if you haven't already.

Accept extra supplies from the hospital: Anything that is in your room when you leave (with the exception of the baby blanket and obvious hospital property) is yours to keep. When you are about to check out, load up any and everything that you have been using. This includes the SUPER SUPER size pads and ice packs, along with the stylish gauze underwear. You may feel like you are walking like a dinosaur, but you will be so thankful to have the supplies handy when you need them.

Ice is your friend! The hospital will give you a few extra of the "pad size" ice packs. Do not under estimate the power of those things. Before I gave birth, the thought of an ice pack hanging out in my underwear made me cringe, but I am so glad that I had plenty of them! They help soothe the pain really nicely, especially after the irritation of a shower or using the bathroom.

Eat well: Don't be in a hurry to shed that baby weight! Breastfeeding babies thrive off of the fat content that is found in breast milk. Keep in mind that just like when you were pregnant, everything that you ingest will somehow effect your baby as well! Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, and protein! This goes for all of you that aren't breastfeeding, too. Your body needs plenty of vitamins and nutrients to properly heal. Continue taking your prenatal vitamins, as well!

I hope these tips have helped out some fellow mommas! I really appreciate Kaitlyn and Jennifer letting me hang out with you guys today and can't wait to read everything that is coming up in this little series! I hope you guys will come and visit me at A Beautiful Exchange


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