Thursday, April 25, 2013

Favorites Toys

The stores are filled with oodles and oodles of toys.  Our house is filled with tons of toys.  I got easily bored and when Noah was younger I figured he was the same way and we started early collecting way too many toys.   I have learned more as they grow that they aren't content with 1/4 of the toys they have.  They play with a lot of the same ones each day and some days Carson doesn't really play with them at all, he just wonders around climbing, haha.  Noah is more of my player and I'm sure Carson will grow into that more as he gets a little older.

It never fails that my boys end up loving things I thought maybe they wouldn't have. Or I have seen the opposite multiple times in that they didn't love something we got that I thought would be their new favorite.

I always love seeing new and neat toys.  I love the different toys that people find so today I thought I would share the favorite toys in our house that we are using right now for  the 1 1/2 to 3 age.

If you have a toddler boy who likes trains, a train table is a must.  Noah plays with this every day!  We have lots of different tracks and pieces and it  can be done so many ways and this one happened to be one I made which are always boring.  My hubby is the track master and always is the one who spends time and makes them really cool.  

Wooden Blocks, Our boys both love them.  We stack, we build towers and knock them over.  Carson loves to dump them out, pick them up and repeat.  None the less, they are fun and something they always like. 

Shape sorter-  The classic must have.  Noah is a pretty much over it but great for the 1-2 age.  

This toy is so random but I loved it and bought it for a good travel toy.  It is by Leap Frog and it's a cute little house with different things to do on each side.  You can push bells, open the fridge and the front door.  There is a light switch, it reads stories and sings songs.  It was one of the those toys I thought was neat and different and was awesome on our long road trip not too long ago.  Carson loves flipping switches so that was the biggest reason I bought it and it has turned out to be a good one.   

Melissa and Doug Wooden Puzzles.  I love Melissa and Doug anything and we have a lot of their stuff and like it all but their puzzles are awesome.  We have different stage ones for the different ages, they start out with huge knobs on the pieces than go to little pegs.  The top middle one each picture opens  and has a corresponding magnet which Noah has always loved and mastered when he was so young.  
Their stuff is great for learning, and good quality.  They last and last!

We have had quite a few different Little People toys and this one has been Noah's favorite.  I love the toys that put their imagination to work and this one really does that for him.  

Another great classic.   Loud but they love it.  This ball popper gets pushed around every day by both of our boys.  Noah started using it when he could walk and it hasn't stopped getting used since, now we have 2 fighting over it.   My sister got this one for us and you bet I will be making sure my nephew gets one as well.

Carson got this for Christmas this last year and it's such a neat ride on.  It's a Vtech train.  In the back under the seat it houses letters that you can put on the top of the yellow engine, then it shoots them back to the seat.  You can also put the letters in the side of the yellow engine and it has all sorts of interactive learning things that go along with it.  Carson loves to ride it and Noah has loved playing with the items on the front.  

Everyone told me our boys couldn't have a kitchen so they have had a shopping cart and play food instead.   This cart has been a hit.  It's loved by both of our boys.  Noah has played with the food a lot but Carson not as much.  However both of them love to push this around the house.  A toy that lets them move and be wild, and it's a good one in this house!  

 When I first saw this I loved it because it reminded me a doctors office.  It has the fun thing on top and then each side of the cube has a different activity.  It's mostly all wood and been a great quiet toy.  ( I think every house needs a balance.  All the new types of toys have sound, I love  the traditional ones that don't and make them think just as much)

We got this for  the boys for Christmas and it has been a great indoor toy this winter.  It gave them something to climb on while we have been cooped up all winter.  It's something they both really like.  

This one is little and random but one of those I didn't expect to get played with as much as it has.  It's a mini CD player and sings songs and the discs get put in the top and then the yellow hatch opens and closes.  Noah knows all the songs and Carson is so cute copying it and saying open, close and trying to sing along.  

What are some of your favorite toys?  We would love to know!


  1. I may need to get a few of these. I love the train table and I know Jackson would too.

  2. We love our play kitchen around here -- my one year old son has been getting a ton of use out of it lately. Whats even better -- it's in great shape, and yet it was mine when I was a little kid. So there is no microwave on it or coffee pot, etc. Just the standard kitchen!!

    We also love the little people house/disney princess castle, baby dolls [even my son totes one around practicing to be a daddy!] and lots and lots of books!