Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekend Recap

Another great weekend come and gone.

Friday I spent the day with my cuties and in case you aren't following me on Instagram then you missed these  pictures.

 Our night wasn't too exciting.  Matthew got home and we all as well as my sister Kate went out for dinner.  Then rented a movie and got some movie snacks.  Any night that ends in a candy is a good one in my book.

Saturday my Aunt got married.  It was a nice short and sweet ceremony.  She was married and lost her husband to cancer not long ago and the man she married was a widower as well.  They have a cool story and I'm glad I got to witness their special day!

Saturday night we got to hang out with some friends that recently moved to a different state.  Their families still live here so we are guaranteed that they will be passing through over the years.  We have missed them and they have two young kids so it's fun to get the kids together as well.  Steph is a blogger too.  You can check her out over here!

Sunday we headed to Springfield where our nephew was having his 3rd birthday party.  My little Noah was so excited, him and his cousins are such cute little buddies.  They are only a few months apart and their dads are twins it's like they think they are supposed to be close.  We love it!
Here is the birthday boy !

They also had a little bounce house for the kiddos to play in.  It took  Carson a little while to warm up to it but Noah loved it instantly.  

The weekend was quick as always and our week will be short again this week, as we are heading to Las Vegas Wednesday for an optometry convention.  I have a lot to get done the next few days before we leave!  Busy, busy!

Hope you all had a great weekend.

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  1. Lovely pictures! I have a twin sister and I can't wait to see that how will they react with each other haha!

  2. Fun weekend, we love that bouncy house!