Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tuesday Topics

This week we are on #4 and it's an easy one!
4 Sites I Check Daily

1)  Bloglovin/ Blogspot-  Ever since the big announcement I switched mostly all my blogs to Bloglovin and check my daily reads from there.  I love how they are all there and I can quickly see the title, a picture and a blurb about the post.  I can mark them already read if it's one I'm not going to read so that way it won't be hanging up on the list for me.  But I also can make one unread if I want to remember to go back to it.  I'm way too addicted to blog reading and can't go to bed until I'm caught up for the day.  It's a slight problem.
I also use Blogspot every day to check my stats, make sure I didn't miss any comments and write new posts.  I have been trying to do at least 5 posts a week so some weeks I have been writing each night, others weeks I have been doing a few on days here and there and scheduling them.  I love having posts scheduled! 

2) Instagram
Love looking at pictures, would much rather see things in a picture rather than a status...Which brings me to my next one.

3) Facebook
If everyone I cared about Instagrammed or blogged the important events I would quit Facebook immediately but since they don't I still check it daily and multiple times daily to see what's going on.  I'm always afraid I will miss something if I don't check it before bed each night.  And for the record, I never hardly miss anything.  It wastes so much time scrolling down through all the junk to see one thing I actually wanted to read.  So, my recommendation is for all my friends to Instragram or blog, thank you!

4) Tie between Email and Pinterest.  
Some days I care about my email, some days I don't.  
Some days I care about Pinterest and some days I don't.  
So my mood decides which one is more important on that day I guess!

And yes, I am slightly embarrassed that my entire list is Social Media.   I don't watch much TV, so that is my downtime/free time time waster!  

What are 4 sites you check every day?

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  1. Outlook first of all. Facebook second. Blogger third & Twitter fourth. Haha it's true that we used social media in a really wide range. It's demand of this centuary!
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