Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday Social

Sunday Social

What is your shopping weakness?  Ugh... Everything.  I just like to buy a little bit of everything.  Handbags, scarves, jewelry, tops, dresses I usually never wear, and cute flats.  I have a problem!  To try and be more specific I could narrow it down more  to lately it's been mint.  I have bought a purse with mint all over it, mint bracelet and earrings, mint shorts, mint jeggings, and a few mint tops.  I am so loving that color this year!  

What is your food weakness?  Chicken Alfredo, Candy- anything gummy and fruits.  Somedays chocolate just depends on the day but I usually eat candy over chocolate.  


What is your go to movie when nothing else is on?  Not a movie watcher, I a lot of nights don't even turn TV on just go straight to computer when it's time to relax.  

What is your go to breakfast food?  I normally eat 2 eggs, or This awesome granola with almond milk.

Do you drink coffee?  If so how do you take it?  I'm not a coffee drinker.  Never have been never will be most likely even thought I love the smell.  I do really like hot chocolate though.  Instead of coffee my caffeine comes from Genesis Pure, Pure Energy.  Take it every day with a little bit of water.   You can ready more about it here if you would like.  

Have a great Sunday!  

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  1. I should try that energy stuff! I definetly need some
    These days and coffee just isn't sounding good to me lately!