Wednesday, May 29, 2013

ABC's of Thankfulness

Saw this post on Simple Clarke today and needed this today.  So here goes my ABC's of Thankfulness.

A  Air conditioning ( stole this one but so true) 

B Blankets.  

C  Carson,, my baby

D  Dots... My Candy weakness

E  Experiences.  Thankful for all the things we have been able to do already in our young married life and with out kids.

F  Family... I have a ton and thankful for everyone of them

G Genesis Pure Changed my daily life

H House... Blessed to have a beautiful one

I Income-  We both have jobs

J  Jesus.. Undescribeable 

K Kids-  Can't imagine my life without them

L  Laughter... Makes my heart full hearing my boys

M  Matthew, my hubby

N  Noah, my first 

O  Others in my life.  We have great friends

P Phone-  I remember days without cell phone but wouldn't want to go back

Q Quiet time... Ahh love it

R Rest.   I love sleep

S Sehy and Jones, where my hubby practices.  His dream came true

T  Toys, what would we do all day without them?

U USA- We are blessed beyond compare here.  Period.

V Vehicles... Can't imagine life without one 

W Water-  My husband is in Honduras right now on a mission trip where some places don't have running water. 

X, Y, Z
Couldn't think of any for these so here are some extra of other ones
Cuddles, prayer, my senses ( hearing, sight, taste) and our safety and health

What are you thankful for?  
Want to make a list, head over to Simply Clarke and Link Up

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  1. Oh, I like a blanket! Thanks for linking up, I enjoyed reading :)