Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Truth Behind the Photo

Aww, look at this sweet photo of my precious boys.  They are both smiling, happy, getting along so well.
They were in that moment.  That is true.  
But do you ever take photos like this, plast them all over your social media like this is the appropriate depiction of your day or something you did?

 I know I'm guilty.  
Then because of pictures like this that everyone else posts I'm feeling bad maybe because I didn't take my kids to the park that day or because I'm wishing my kids would get along better like other's I see. 

Well let me tell you about the park.  While most of our time spent there was happy.  Noah thinks he is boss over all the park and was bossing around the other kids telling them what they could and couldn't do.  He wouldn't stop and it was getting on my nerves.  Then every time Carson was about to go down a slide or do something he would jump in front of him or push him aside so he could go first. 
He kept calling the other kids poopy and wouldn't stop with that either.
Then he hit my last nerve and really shoved Carson and he almost fell backwards down some steps.  I told him we were leaving because he wasn't being nice.
Of course he didn't go willingly so I carried his little butt to the car while he kicked and screamed.  I used all my might to get him buckled in his seat while he is still screaming bloody murder for all to hear.  
Next I had to go get Carson who wasn't in trouble but had to leave anyway and started the screaming process all over again and had to work to get him in.
Then I put myself in the car, tried to get my breathe back, turned on the ac, to combat the sweat and then drove away with the little dignity that I felt I had left.  

That picture doesn't tell you that now does it?

I don't know about you but if I'm being honest  I kind of delight in hearing other people's stories like this.  I like to know I'm not alone in the struggles of mommyhood.  I like to know my kids aren't the only ones that aren't perfect.  
I've been thinking of hosting a link up called the Truth Behind the Photo and would love to see and hear your  behind the scenes stories about your photos.  
So here is my next question, if you blog would you join in?

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  1. I love this post! Oh, how I have been in your shoes more times then I care to admit but its all worth it in the end. I think you handled it greatly!


  2. Absolutely!! So many times I feel like all eyes are on me ... regardless of the fact that I know those other moms have dealt with the same issues. I love my kids ... but they are far from perfect, and I always have stories behind the happy photos!! ;)