Friday, May 10, 2013

Preparing for a Little One

My friend Kaitlyn and I came up with a great idea that I absolutely love.

As you know, Kaitlyn is expecting her first child. This can be so overwhelming and I know that other first time moms probably feel the same. She has so many questions and would love to hear the opinions of moms who have already been through this a time or two before.
Because of this, we are hosting a weekly series for a few weeks to try and get some answers to some of the most common questions.

We have finished the second series, but if you have missed them here are the topics below that you can go back and check out.

Friday, April 5: Registering (Everything you need to know, Must Haves, Don't Bothers, etc...)
Friday, April 12: Nursery Organization & Ideas
Friday, April 19: Packing For The Hospital: For you & the baby
Friday, April 26: Birth Stories (The good, bad, and ugly) / Birth Plans (yes? no?)

This week starts our second mini-series.
Friday, May 3: Bringing Baby Home / Surviving The First Few Weeks
Friday, May 10: Breast Feeding vs. Formula
Friday, May 17: Calming Your Baby & Sleep Methods
Friday, May 24: Losing The Baby Weight

The second series will focus on bringing the baby home, new mom obstacles and losing the dreaded baby weight.  Even if you are a first time mom, you may have posts or input on this first series especially!! I know some of you are due any day now, so I'd love to get your input as well.

If you decide to participate on any of the weeks, all you have to do is write a post answering and discussing the topic/question that week and link up to the main post on my blog. I think it will be a great resource for tons of moms to be!

Below you can grab a button to use on your posts and it will be helpful if you link back to Wifessionals or Five 27 Jones so that others can get the details to link up as well. I really hope some of you will share your secrets with us!!!

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This week's Topic Breastfeeding vs Formula

This topic has been a hugely debated issue, and I hate that's it's turned into that!  Here is my two cents on the  deal!

I did breastfeed with each of our boys.  However, not for long.  With Noah he got in almost 2 months of nursing and formula, then switched solely to formula.  Carson had about 6 weeks.  Noah was a super fussy baby, I was always worked up, he always seemed hungry and in pain.  We tried lots of different things and combinations pumping and letting him take bottles instead, gas drops, supplementing and nothing seemed to appease him.  It was just too much and I let it go.

With Carson, I had some postpartum depression and started  resenting that time I spent nursing with him.  I didn't handle that adjustment well, I always felt like I was missing out with good Noah time and I felt like it was just better for both of us, if we switched him so we did switch with him a little earlier.  I do have to say that  I regretted quitting so early with him and later wished I would of kept it up but obviously it was too late once all those post baby hormones were gone.

Another issue I dealt with is that I never seemed to produce enough,  when I pumped I would hardly ever get over 2 ounces total.  I couldn't even pump enough for a feeding.

With Noah I really wanted to do and really felt the pressure to be successful with it.  Then  I will never forget what my aunt told me when I extra upset and stressed one day.  She said I needed to take care of myself too.  If mommy isn't happy, baby isn't happy and I needed to do what was best for us.  For each person the experience is different.  I could of tried harder, I know there is medicine you can take to help with your supply, I have since heard of lots of natural methods to increase it and sometimes I wish I would of tried harder.  But then at the same time I have 2 wonderful little boys who did have formula most of their first year and they are perfectly fine, healthy boys!

Now if YOU want to breastfeed by all means, go for it.  It's less expensive, it is awesome for your babies health and immune system.  It also helps with bonding with your baby in the beginning. I took a breastfeeding class by a lactation consultant and I highly recommend taking a class, or reading a book about it to prepare you for help with latch, and general knowledge about breastfeeding, feeding, and how to pump.

But on the other hand, if YOU don't want to, don't give in to the pressure to do it.  You are not a bad mom for choosing to use formula.  Each mom has to decide what is best for their family, their lifestyle and in general what works "best" for them and whatever that is, that is what is RIGHT for YOU!   Formula has come along way in the last 20 years and does give your baby what he/she needs as well, don't feel like your baby won't be "healthy" if you decide to go that route.

If you are unsure if you want to,  I would tell you to try it!  Some people it really grosses them out to think about it but then what that little baby is in their arms they completely change their mind.  If you go back and forth about it toward the end of your pregnancy, then wait and in that moment you can decide and it doesn't hurt to try.  The hospital will have formula there for you, so if you decide to go that route after trying you won't have to worry about a thing.

Good luck future mommas!

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