Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to my handsome husband!

I truly take Matthew for granted every day and it's days like today that make me stop and realize how blessed the boys and I are to have him.

Matthew is a wonderful dad.  The boys love their mom for sure but adore their dad too.  Outside is their thing and fixing things is theirs.  They always love being a part of what he is working on.  The other day Carson just watched him mow through the window.  They love to wave goodbye to him every morning from the garage door.  Matthew is great at trying to invest in them.  He not only just plays with them but works with them and tries to teach them all the things they should be learning at their ages.  He is always working on instilling discipline.  ( much better at it than me, I'm much quicker to loose my cool)

He is the spiritual leader of this house, he is always there for me.  Prays for me and the boys, and prays with our boys.

He is smart, hard working and provides for us, which allows me to stay at home most days.
His patients love him.  He really gives them his focus, time and knowledge and is great at what he does.
We are so proud of him for that!

He isn't selfish and is always giving of his time to someone or something!
He's quick to help when I ask.

He can work me up like nobody else in the world, but he can also calm me down like nobody else can!

We are extra thankful for him today on his special day!

Happy 30th Birthday!

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