Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Cara Box Exchange

Cara Box

I just received my first Cara Box over the weekend!  When I saw the package on my doorstep I was so excited and couldn't wait to open it.  If you haven't heard of Cara Boxes you can read about them here.

Kaitlyn over at Wifessionals came up with this great idea to match up bloggers, and some non bloggers with each other and exchange a box of goodies.  Each month there is a different theme.  This month was the letter of your first name.  For example whoever received me had to think of a J theme or get items that started with J.  Then you find items to fill up your box, and mail it to your match.

My partners were Jennifer and Jennifer.  I got to know the Jennifer I would be sending a box to a little bit via email and you can find out what I got her over here.  It has been fun follwoing her blog and instagram to learn more about her and her boy is adorable!  

My Cara box friend that received my name was Jennifer from Bubbly and Buttercream.  We emailed back and forth for a little while when we first got matched up and she is one super sweet girl.  We  actually found that we have quite a bit in common with each other.   We both love to bake, especially cupcakes and do some running.  She sells 31 and so does my best friend so I feel like we kind of have that in common!  I'm not creative and didn't know how creative she was until I received her box.  She came up with some great ideas.

Here are my Cara Box Goods!  When I opened it up, my excitement built even more.  Fun, bright colors get me every time, and labels and ribbons she outdid herself!

 Each individual wrapped package was a theme that started with J, in case you can't see them all here is what the labels all said
-to make Junk food
-to Jot notes
-for Jogging
-for family Joy  
-because J is hard
-Just because 
Great idea, right!  So creative and sweet you were Jen.  I absolutely loved it all!

Now if you want to join, head on over and sign up for next month!  I'm sure the next theme will be just as fun.  You get to be creative, get a fun package and get to know another blogger!  What's not to enjoy?


  1. i'm so glad you liked it!!! i had soooo much fun putting it together, but seriously - j is hard!

    hope you're having a good week!

  2. Hi Jen! Wanted to invite you to the Easter Basket Showcase I'm hosting tomorrow! It's a link party to show off the baskets and I'd love to see what Noah and Carson have in theirs this year! :)

  3. I haven't gotten my Cara Box yet, but I can't wait!!!

  4. Such a great box! love everything!

  5. Hi there! I have ventured over from Cara Box linkup. I'm enjoying this little peek into your world! Just lovely! XOXO, Mandi @ All My Happy Endings

  6. It's all bright and springy! What a great package!

    ♥ Miss Angie
    My So-Called Chaos

  7. OH! I want a pink whisk now! :) (wisk?) whatever!

  8. Love the tag that says, "because J is hard." :) What a great box!! For J being hard, she rocked it.

    Have a wonderful Easter, dear. I'm following from the swap.