Monday, March 25, 2013

What's my deal?

Each morning I have good intentions.  I start the day off right!
Exercise, Get ready, Take my Genesis Pure.

Eat a decent breakfast.  Some days eggs, somedays my new favorite granola with Almond milk,  or oatmeal.  Always depends on what I feel like and what our schedule is like.  I only work Tuesdays and Thursdays but the days I work I usually try to  throw a snack in my purse for the mid morning.  I don't know why that place makes me hungry, maybe because I'm a stress eater.  Even if I don't feel stressed there I still want to eat, it's weird.

However the days I'm at home I'm usually so busy, I don't think about food until lunch.  I usually eat a later lunch after I have got the boys all fed and kitchen cleaned up.  I can make good choices at home for lunch.  It's usually pretty easy.
Again same thing, the days I work I want to go out to eat, nothing at home sounds good I want fat and candy!    Give me the choice and I usually pick the junky one I guess.  (I really need to retire, apparently my health depends on it, haha)

Anyways let's pretend every day I'm home.  I would do awesome for breakfast and lunch most of the time and snacking isn't usually a huge issue, unless it's the week before my period or something then who knows what will happen.

Then something happens around 5:00.  I'm starving.  I want anything and everything.  We eat dinner and I still just want to snack all night.  I don't know if its boredom.  I don't know if it's because I finally relax for the day or what.  I have tried eating more earlier in the day and it didn't seem to make a difference either.  I'm in a bad rut and just can't get out.  I did so well for awhile but am stuck in the ditch of junky eating all of a sudden.

So this problem has brought me to thinking about better planning and who else to ask then the blog world and my facebook friends.  I think a cleanse would be a good quick start to try and get me back on track, help break my crazy addition to sugar right now and also get back into a better routine of eating.  Right now I generally just plan out our dinners and leave the rest to what I feel like.

This next week I'm going to try and do a quick cleanse and then plan out a more precise eating schedule including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. I've also been thinking  about trying some juicing but haven't tried any yet.   I have got to get this under control before all of our Spring trips.  If I have no self control here I know it will get even worse on vacations!

What do you healthy eaters do?  Do you plan out all day's meals and snacks?  If so does it help you?


  1. My husband and I usually eat breakfast at 5am. It is almost always a one egg omelet with cheese and maybe some green pepper. I always make sausage of some kind. Either Aidell's chicken apple sausage (1 since they are like dinner sausage), Applegate breakfast sausage (2), or Johnsonville maple sausage (3). Sometimes we have canadian bacon.

    I then eat a snack around 9-10. If I go hiking that morning I'll take trail mix with me or a cliff bar. Maybe a small serving of Macadamia nuts.

    Lunch is a Shakeology shake. Always with one cup of almond milk and one cup of spinach as well as other mix ins. This is between noon and 1.

    Dinner comes around 5:30-6, once my husband is home from work. I make a meat, a vegetable side, and a salad. VERY RARELY we have rice or bread.

    Before bed we have another little snack depending on my calories left for the day: a larabar, some pita chips, some Blue Diamond nut thins, some fruit or veggies, sometimes even a plate with a slice of cheese, a slice of lunch meat, and baby carrots.

    I think the key for me is feeding my body regularly throughout the day and warding off that sense of hunger, which turns into binging later. Once I cut gluten and carbs from my diet, I found the sugar crasg in the afternoon wasn't nearly as bad as before I did. Plan, plan, plan is my advice!

    Sorry for the crazy long comment!

  2. i have to have options. i can plan one day's meals, but if i try to plan the whole week, i start thinking about other stuff that sounds good, and then i convince myself that what i planned sounds terrible, and then i fall off the wagon. it's all in my head.

    i have 2-3 snacks every day. usually breakfast at 7:30, snack around 10:30, lunch around 1, snack around 4:30, (sometimes it's small snack at 2:30 and small snack at 5 depending on what i had for lunch), then dinner around 8. i think it helps me to know how soon i get to eat again!