Thursday, March 28, 2013

Our Early Easter

This weekend, I'm taking my boys and heading to Georgia to see my grandparents along with my mom, sisters, and nephew.  That breaks down to 4 adults and 3 boys 3 years and under in 1 van for over 9 hours.  This should be fun!  Thursday we are driving at night so a lot of the time the boys SHOULD be sleeping.  I'm anxious to see my grandparents and the rest of that side of the family because we don't get to see them often at all and always have fun when we get the chance to.  Plus we should have warmer weather than here which will be great and my grandma is a great cook!

However, I am a little jealous of the hubs getting some time at home to himself.  I can be quite the loner and get refreshed by being alone.  He is quite the opposite and thrives by being around people all the time.  I can't imagine what I would get done if I was home without kids for days.  That would be the most productive weekend in the last 3 years for me.

Since I will have the boys over Easter, we thought we would do some stuff early so Matthew could get in on the fun.

 I wish I could show you some awesome pictures taken with DSLR camera and of my handmade baskets and crafts, but I don't have a fancy camera I use the Ipad.  I bought all the their items for the basket and their baskets themselves yesterday at Dollar Tree.  I sometimes want to be that Pinterest mom, but I didn't have the time or the extra money to get all crazy and it's just not worth stressing over right nwo.  And their young, so in reality they won't remember what was in their basket tomorrow.  I wanted to not do any candy and do all other stuff instead but I caved and decided to just get  them some candy, I may need it as bribe on our 9 hour drive anyway.  And a really quick plug, Dollar Tree can be extrememly awesome for stuff like this.  They had baskets for $1, I remember buying Noah one 2 years ago that was like $15.  And then they had all sorts of fun little things I got like Kites, water guns, Pick up stick game, Bible story books, bubbles, Sidewalk chalk, Little paint set, Glow sticks (they have tons of different kinds if you ever need any), stickers, and silly string.  I managed to do their baskets with all random things that were non candy except for they each got a bag of jellybeans, that's pretty much like THE Easter candy so I had to include that one.  Then their eggs, did have candy and money in them.  I saw an idea the other day that we will be using next year over at The Larson Lingo where she put these cute little coupons in her kids Easter eggs.  This year neither one of my boys would know what they said or what it meant, so I will have to save that idea but that's a great way to get around candy!  I had also bought a craft set at Dollar Tree that was foam shapes and stickers to make with the boys  and a cake pop kit but the way this day is been not sure if it will happen.  If not oh well, we can always do it after Easter.   Here are some pictures of our real low- key Easter morning.

You will also notice we had our Easter Hunt first thing this morning in our living room with just a few eggs.  We have had lots of snow that is now melting and creating a huge wet mess outside so we put them indoors instead.

 Noah was moving fast, couldn't get a decent picture
 Didn't take long for Carson to catch on to the idea
 Got sidetracked by the 3 deer in the backyard
 Putting money in their piggy banks.  Noah always loves putting money in there, Carson got upset when he put one in and couldn't find it.  He started crying, "where'd it go?"
 Brother Sweetness... And Candy sweetness..Yes, they are eating candy at 6:30 in the morning.  I'm not a perfect mom.  I couldn't say no.  I'm weak like that.

I'm sure we will have more to add.  We will be some more Easter festivities this weekend with the family in Georgia.  Hope you have a great Easter Weekend!

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  1. Cute pics even if they were moving! I'm jealous you get deer in your backyard. That's awesome.

    Thanks for linking up Jen!