Sunday, April 14, 2013

Time for a Confession

Yesterday I posted this picture of my boys.  They were sitting at the island eating lunch and having a good ole time at this moment.  

Some would look at this picture and think....
Aww look at those sweet boys have fun.  
They must get along so well.  
Man, I wish my day was going better, my child has been a grump.

What this picture doesn't  show is that Carson just got done throwing a 20 minute screaming fit before I got him up here to eat.

It doesn't show that there is shredded cheese and other food all over the floor below them.

That after this picture I yelled at each of them about 20 times to eat and stop playing. 

That their mom is trying to get her breathe because her dumb panic attacks were acting up.  

Pictures can say a lot, but not everything.  

I have to be careful because with social media, I'm always comparing myself to other mommas, my boys to other kids and it's because every day I'm seeing the good of others lives, their "highlight reel" as so many people are calling facebook and instagram now.  

After I posted this picture I had that feeling of guilt for making it look like we were having a great morning. And honestly it wasn't that bad but it was one of those that was an extreme roller coaster .  We were all up or down, and that is pretty much life with little ones I've come to realize.  But I just wanted to encourage all you mommas and even women in general.  Stop comparing yourselves and your lives to others pictures.  Pictures are merely a picture and can show happiness but doesn't always show the whole story! 

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