Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What My Loved One Says About Me

I'm loving this link up idea.....Since it's not for me to write, here is my hubby, with what he thinks are some random facts about me.

Jen is going to regret this, but here we go:

(1.) She likes to keep her socks on at all the times when in bed, that's why we call them "business socks."
(2.) She is a candy fiend, but never really liked chocolate until the last few years.
(3.) She considers herself very good with trends and fashion, but admits she does terrible with picking wall paint colors.
(4.) She cannot blow her nose, so she does non-stop sniffling when she is sick... it's weird/cute.
(5.) She can fall asleep while talking.  It's not as bad recently, since she doesn't pound the Loratadine (Benadryl) lately.  Before she found Genesis Pure, that's all she could take for her hives, so for a long time she would take four at a time every four hours or so (yes, that's more than the recommended doses).
(6.) In college, she had a favorite pass time with her best friend, affectionately called, "the butt game."  To my knowledge, they no longer play it.  That's about all I'm going to say about that...
(7.) She wants to trade in her SUV for a minivan.  Personally, I'm too cool for them ;) , but she claims that it's what's better for her needs.
(8.) She had wanted to be a pediatrician when she was in high school.  She went the easier route, married a doctor instead.
(9.) She dislikes pets, or really just animals in general.  We will likely never own a dog, which is too bad, because our boys need one :)
(10.) She loves to be alone.  She's a wolf pack of one... well, she hardly ever gets to be by herself anymore because of our young family, but she needs to get alone time to keep her sanity.  
(11.) She pronounces many words oddly.  Off the top of my head, "saw" = "Saul" and "blanket" = "blind-ket"
(12.) She hates the words "moist" and "panties."  She really hates ":moist panties" together... but I'm not sure that's used in day to day conversation. Apparently it must have at some point...?

Ok, that's about all I've got. I'm going to hit "Publish" now, before she can proof read ;)


- Matt Jones

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  1. Matthew - You'll be relieved to know that Dirks and I have retired our "butt game" jerseys. Now the game we tend to play is "which kid is screaming now?" It's not quite as funny as the "butt game".