Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm Loving... These new sandals... Wore them on vacation and Sunday.  They are so comfy too, love the zipper in back!  ( Excuse my ugly feet, just check out the shoes)

I'm Loving...That I finally decided to try some BB Cream and yeah it seems to be pretty great.  Love how it's lighter than my foundation and have been using it instead.

I'm Loving... That Monday I had a super productive morning and got all my normal weekly cleaning done and a few more things.  I vacuumed, mopped floors, cleaned bathrooms, washed towels and bathroom rugs, dusted,  cleaned the microwave, and got caught up on laundry.  Yeah it was an amazing morning.  I NEVER get that much accomplished any more and no clue how it happened with my boys here but I'll take it!  Here is one way they stayed entertained, a new playground while I mopped.

I'm Loving...That I got an 8 mile run in this morning.  I never thought I would say that!

I'm Loving... That I will be going here next week for work.  After 2 trips with my kiddos I'm ready for a trip that feels like a vacation.  Also hoping to get some laying out time!   

I'm Loving... That my boys are seeming to play more and more with each other and that even though I'm not a full-time stay at home mom yet, I do get to spend most days with them.  
I'm loving that Carson is now always saying "hold you"  and answers us all the time.  His cute little yes and no along with head shakes are so darn cute!  
I'm loving that Noah this last week has been so loving.  I love when he calls me his" sweet little girl" and tells me "I'm sorry mommy, I didn't mean to" and he gives the best 3 year old hugs and kisses.

What are you loving this week?

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  1. i have to try bb cream! i keep hearing it's awesome!

    and congrats on the 8 mile run!!!! it's such a great feeling, isn't it?!