Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tuesday Topics

This week 5 Childhood Pictures

I'm pretty sure my son makes the same face now

Ragedy Ann for Halloween one year.  I think my mom had a slight obsession with them because when my sisters were little they had a whole room decked out in their stuff.
This picture cracked me up, there is yellow highlighter all over it.  Apparently one day I decided to color it.  And I cut them off on accident but I was sporting some sweet pink Mickey Mouse shoes that DON'T match at all. And my hair?  I have always had bad hair!  I should do a whole photo reel on that someday because I've never found too many pictures that I have good hair in.
I had a thing for dresses.  I know for awhile I wore them everyday, I hated pants. 
Yeah..... My stepmom made this for me.  I would like to say I only wore it to make her happy, but I'm pretty sure I liked it.  It had my first name on the sweatshirt and my last name on my pant leg.  It was silver puffy paint and bows were sewn on all over.  The matching hat, too????  I have no words!  

This was hard choosing 5 pictures, there are so many more "good" ones!  

Join the party and share some of your childhood pictures!


  1. haha my mom would always make me wear dresses and I would wear shorts under them and tuck my dress in them when I went out to recess. haha!