Wednesday, March 13, 2013

How Pinteresting

Just found this blog and since I'm Pinterest obsessed this was the perfect linkup for me!  

On my agenda this week is a new wreath!  Where else would I go for inspiration besides Pinterest.  (Sorry to my Pinterest friends,  I am aware that I blew up your feed with a million wreath pictures )

Here are some of my favorites and while we are doing this, I would love to know which wreath you all think I should make.  


Source: viaJennifer on Pinterest

Source: viaJennifer on Pinterest

I love all those wreaths!  I just can't decide.
Then moving onto the rest of my fun pins.

Pinned these because I sometimes always love junk food! 
I tried these a few weeks ago!  So good, will definetly be making these again sometime

One of my I want to be super healthy snacks.  This one sounds good.  Hoping to try it this weekend!

I'm a worrier, what can I say.  I need to read this every hour to myself.

I absolutely love this look.  And I pretty much have everything I need to make this happen except for long hair, the talent to fix it and of course lets not leave out her tiny legs!  

I love scarves, I love bows!  Why not?

I've been drooling over Gallery Walls for a year.  Hoping to make one in my entry way soon!  
I want a combination of words, frames, patters, and colors.  Basically I want all of them combined into one huge masterpiece.  

And last not but not least, a warning.  I got so excited when I saw this next pin.  Couldn't wait to try it.  Please don't! Save yourself from wasting 5 bananas, this was disgusting!

If you want to share your favorite pins from the week, head on over to Vintage Apple and join the fun. Also don't forget I need your help, I can't decide which wreath to make and I'm buying supplies tomorrow!  This girl gets to make a trip out of town shopping ALONE!


  1. i really like the 2nd and the last one! and i want to do a gallery wall so bad, i just cant figure one out!

  2. love your pins! dying over the first wreath... that might become my weekend project!

  3. I love all of these pins, especially the wreaths. I really would love to get or make one of these for our front door.