Wednesday, March 20, 2013

How Pinteresting

Linking up again with  The Vintage Apple for Oh, How Pinteresting well because I love Pinterest!

The other day I was trying to think of some things I could do with my boys and searched Kids.  You can expect in the near future we will be using some of these ideas.  

How fun is this?

My boys are still young but I love the idea of a schedule for us of a different thing to do each day.  I can be lazy, sometimes I need a schedule to get me motivated and on track.  This would help keep me more active with them.  

Who doesn't want FREE things to do and still able to have fun?  

My older son, loves my wallet.  I would love to do this.  Probably just another pin and never my reality but don't they say sometimes the thought it what matters?  
Tutorial found here

We redecorated our living room not too long ago and I am still in need of some bookcases.  We haven't talked about them in awhile but I saw this and need to show the hubs.  Maybe a spring project for him so we finally have something at the base of our massive wall?

And then paint them in a fun color to match our room?  I absolutely love the color furniture movement.  And if Matthew makes  the bookcases it would be a great thing to paint I'm thinking instead of an expensive piece .

I don't know where to do this, but I love it.  I would do a different word but love the idea.

Someday I would love to get our basement all cuted up.  I'm saving this as an idea!

My birthday is in June, I think this would be a great gift.  (ahem Matthew)

Who doesn't love Smores?  And we only get to eat them such a short time out of the year.  I bought the stuff to make these today.  Hoping they are delicious!

Easter is right around the corner.  I want to find some ways to bring out the true meaning of Easter to our boys, but this is a fun thing we could do too!

Those are my favorite pins from the week.  Happy Wednesday!

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