Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Wreath

It's show and share Wednesday.  Linking up today Semi Homemade Mom

Last week I posted some pictures of some wreaths I liked in this post here and wanted to make but needed help on deciding which one.

 I thought I finally had decided, went to Hobby Lobby turned undecided and spent an hour in there walking around aimlessly.  The flowers weren't on sale.  I'm pretty sure they are always on sale except for when I want them.  I didn't want to have to buy full price flowers, especially not $8 hydrangeas, a $70 wreath was not in my budget.

I knew I had a bunch of pink flowers I liked at home leftover from my sisters bridal shower so I decided not to buy any flowers and ended up leaving Hobby Lobby with a wreath form and a letter J.  (both of which I could of gotten at home and not at Hobby Lobby 75 minutes away from home)

Regardless of wasting some time and being frustrated for an hour trying to make a decision I did get home and get a wreath made.  It worked with what I had, was cheap, quick and easy and turned out great!

Here she is, my new spring wreath......

My last one sure had a long run.  I made it last spring, planned on making a new fall/winter/ Christmas/ Easter one and never did so it has been hanging there for the majority of the last year!  I love looking at wreaths on Pinterest for some reason.  It's a weird obsession.  We will see how long this one lasts.  It's definetly a spring/ summer one so will have to replace this one sooner than the last.

Here's the rundown of how simple this wreath was.
Supplies-  Straw wreath form, Burlap wired ribbon (found mine at Wal-mart), wooden letter, white paint, flowers, push pins and hot glue gun.

First I wrapped the wreath in the burplap ribbon and used push pins at the start and ending spots.  Then I pinned the flowers on the one side.  Painted the letter J white, then once it dried put it on with some hot glue and lastly pinned a few flowers around the letter and viola!  Quick and Easy, my kind of diy project since I have the patience and attention span of my 3 year old.

Are  there any Spring crafting projects on your list?  Would love to hear about them!


  1. I love that!! Good call on the letter - I may have to do that! Thanks for linking up!

  2. It's so cute!! :) I need to make a new wreath too! :) Thanks for linking up!

  3. I love it!!!! I have burlap that I have yet to use, I may have to make this!

  4. Oh! This looks like something I could do. Love your colors!! :)