Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Cleaning

I'm a cleaner.  I'm one of those weird people who actually enjoy it, I just don't usually have the time/ chance to do it to the extent that I would like to.  Ironically enough this week though I have not been in the mood but that's besides the point.  Not only do I like cleaning but I also sell Norwex which their main product is  microfiber cloths that you use water only and they have multiple other products as well that  helps saves time while cleaning, saves money and is much better for my family and I as far as health goes.  I am all about reducing the amount of chemicals in my home and Norwex has greatly helped me do that over the last year.

  I have a cleaning schedule that I use every week.  I have worked through different methods and finally have one that works well for us!

In the beginning of motherhood I was stressed and overwhelmed that I didn't ever just have a day to clean the house.  Before kids I always took my day off, or a night and cleaned the whole house and it was done until the next week (except for those things that sometimes couldn't wait a week and the tile floor and vacuuming that I did multiple times a week because I was a little OCD)  Then I developed a plan.  I had set household chores that I was to do each day. It seemed like a good idea, that way I had little bits to do each day and could do it when kids allowed.  Well I found myself getting grumpy if my chores/ chore wasn't getting done when I wanted it to and when the schedule said it should.

I decided to restructure and made a cleaning checklist for myself with boxes to check off and spaces for dates that broke the chores down into:  Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, and Quarterly.  I put it in a frame so that way it made it dry erase.  I don't even bother checking off the daily items but use the weekly one each week.  I love marking items off. I usually also write a letter for the day of the week that I did it just so I know when I did it because my memory is terrible.  Then I do the same for the other categories, mark them off once I do them and the ones that are less frequent I just date it so I know when the last I did it was.  (I'm not very good at keeping on the quarterly items because those are the things I just don't like to do like cleaning baseboards, doors, cabinets you know the really  time consuming ones)

This way has been much better for me.  I don't feel tied down to certain things on certain days.  Some weeks I have everything marked off by Wednesday and others like this week I haven't even started.  But each week is different and that's life.

I couldn't get my schedule to import onto the blog but put it on Google Docs so in case you were interested here is our general family cleaning checklist HERE

Then onto what I'm actually supposed to be  talking about Spring Cleaning.
I don't generally do "Spring cleaning".  I"m more a do things when they really need done and when we get to them type of person.  I stress easily, I have to keep my expectations low otherwise all I do is focus on what I think needs done instead of what is really important in the moment.

I would like to try attempt to do a little more "spring cleaning" in the next few months.  I do fine with the ordinary chores but need to catch up on some of those tasks you just don't generally think of or notice until they get gross.  Pinterest has a bunch of checklists and here are two I really liked to help be a guide.  There are some things I didn't think about but things that should get done.

Doesn't looking at these lists overwhelm you a little?  Sure does me.   After I really started reading each one you realize a lot of them aren't time consuming so you could knock multiple ones out in a fair amount of time.
Happy Spring Cleaning Everyone!


  1. Now, if only there's no more snow around.. lol

  2. I think your cleaning schedule is great! :) Thanks for linking up!

  3. Love the schedules! Thanks so much for linking up!!